Saturday, April 15, 2017

What In The World

What In The World

Picture book
"What in the world comes one by one?
A nose.
A mouth.
The moon.
The sun."
Nancy Raines Day's What In The World: Numbers In Nature is a
beautiful way to encourage not only counting, but mindfulness. The
numbers one to ten are presented in lyrical poetry accompanied by
gentle illustrations. Many of the counting sets (leaves of clover,
colors of the rainbow) are nearly universally accessible. Everychild
is introduced at ten, wiggling toes in the water near sea stars (five
arms) and a stickleback fish (nine spines) and then gazing across the
water at a golden setting son.
"And what comes in sets too big to count?
Stars in the sky--
A vast amount!"
How cool is that?
On a personal note, tonight at UMaine we will have the Grand finale of
Pride Week, the drag show. I will be be doing Greased Lightning. My
new drag name: Too Cool Jules. My slogan: don't you wish your mamma
was a king like me? It should be an amazing evening.
A great big shout out goes out to all who will participate as
performers, crew, and audience.
jules hathaway

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