Friday, April 28, 2017

A is for Activist

A is for Activist

Picture book
"C is for Co-op.
Cooperating cultures.
Creative Counter to Corporate vultures.
Oh, and cats. Can you find the cats?"
Olivia and I are over the moon over an alphabet book. Not just
any alphabet book, mind you! A is for Activist is not only a treasury
for abecedarians (yes, that's a real word) but an uncondescending
guide to just about all the meaningful social and political causes in
today's world. It's also a book that growing kids can come back to
for fresh insights over quite a time span and parents and teachers can
learn a thing or two from.
Olivia is active in Student Women's Association. So I was not
at all surprised when I saw her linger over
"F is for Feminist.
For fairness in pay.
For freedom to flourish
and choose our own way."
Where I spend as much time as I can in the Multicultural Center
I was captivated by
"Indigenous and immigrant.
Together we stand tall.
Our histories are relevant.
An Injury to one Is an Injury to all."
We both adore
Love who you choose,
'cuz love is true!
Liberate your notions of limited emotions.
Celebrate with pride, our links of devotion."
And that's just a few of the crucial concepts succinctly and
beautifully covered. Illustrations are vivid and bold with a collage
feel to them. Remember the cats alluded to in the lead quote? There
is one for every letter. They are fun and sometimes a little tricky
to find.
Olivia and I give A is for Activist a collective four thumbs
up. We consider it a school and public must acquire and a pretty cool
addition to family collections.
On a personal note, the most recent UMaine blood drive went really
well. We got lots of dilligent donors. I gave a pint and then
volunteered at canteen the next day. One special plus was that we got
very cool tee shirts.
A great big shout out goes out to all who participated.
jules hathaway

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