Monday, April 17, 2017

Best In Snow

Best In Snow

Picture book
My younger daughter is pining for warm weather and NO MORE
SNOW. She is by far not the only one. In Penobscot County Maine March
arrived and departed like a lion. After a string of storms Sarah had
us dye the Wilson Center paper snowflakes pastel flower colors. Even
I'm looking forward to my front yard daffodils.
But I just discovered April Pulley Sayre's Best In Snow. I
can't wait a year to let you know about this fine book.
The photographs that make up the book are stunning and
ordinary. The two page spread of ice crystals that took my breath
away is like the lace on my kitchen window on frosty days. Delicate
snowflakes adorn dried up brown leaves. There are critters one can
see even in far from rural areas: a blue jay, a cardinal, a duck, and
those oh so whimsical squirrels.
The last two pages are packed with scientific information about
snow, slush, and bodies of water. I think it's totally cool that a
drop of the water in me could have fallen as a snowflake on a
squirrel's nose.
On a personal note, the week before Pride Week we had tee shirt tie
dying. The official tees had unicorn heads. How cool is that? I
also did the shirt I got for bringing in over $100 in sponsorship for
the Dance Marathon. The Friday before Drag Week LGBTQ services put on
coffee hour with fruit and veggies and dips and Crissi's signature
rainbow cupcakes.
A great big shout out goes out to all who participated!
jules hathaway

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