Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dining With Dinosaurs

Dining With Dinosaurs

Picture book
"Let's dive in! It's lunchtime and We're in China in the
Cretaceous period. This is where I'm from. The carnivores are busy
chasing the herbivores, the herbivores, both big and small, are
munching on plants, and the plants are chowing down on sunshine, air,
water, and minerals--not your idea of a great meal, perhaps, but for a
plant, it's better than ice cream."
As years go by kids continue to be fascinated by dinosaurs.
When I shelf read (make sure all the books are in their proper place)
at the Orono Public Library the dinosaur section is nearly always the
one that needs the most straightening out. Hannah Bonner's Dining
With Dinosaurs: A Tasty Guide to Mesozoic Munching will be greatly
relished as an addition to a public or school library or part of a
child's private collection.
Hannah joins her prehistoric pal Microraptor, a small feathered
dinosaur, for a trip way, way back in time. Through lively narrative
and colorful, detailed illustrations, the reader will learn what
creatures great and miniscule chowed down on. In the course of the
book Hannah interviews a number of specialized scientists. My
favorite is Karen Chin, the coprolite (fossil poop) expert. It's
amazing what can be learned from the study of preserved poop.
Your dino loving kids will adore the book. You may learn a
thing or two. I'm guessing that coprolite was not in your working
vocabulary. It was published by a source we can trust: National
Geographic Kids. What's not to like?
On a personal note, Friday of Pride Week those of us who had the
patience to wait in line about an hour got to stuff 18" tall rainbow
bears. They are so adorable and velvety soft! I named mine Jules
Olivia Hathaway after me and a good chum.
A great big shout out goes out to those who stuffed their bears with
me and the fine folks who provided us with this wonderful opportunity.
jules hathaway

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