Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sleep Tight Farm

Sleep Tight Farm

Picture book
When people today think about farms they tend to envision them
in full summer productivity: fields full of vibrant veggies, buzzing
bees, and trees bearing fruit. They may be somewhat fimiliar with
spring plowing and sowing. But we're so far removed from agronomy
that most people have no idea of all the work it takes to put a farm
to bed for the winter.
Eugenie Doyle's Sleep Tight Farm shows us all that goes into the
preparation. A family goes about their seasonal chores. They spread
insulating hay over berry plants, harvest and store the last
vegetables, plant cover crops that will restore nutrients to the soil,
cut and stack wood, secure the hoophouse, and do so much more. At the
end they engage in a ritual that will be more familiar to kids.
Doyle knows what she's talking about. In addition to writing,
she has an organic farm. During the slow part of the year she
corresponds with schoolchildren. No wonder she has the perfect voice
for communicating with our youngest generation.
On a personal note, I am really eageely awaiting the rewakening of
Orono Community Garden that has been slumbering under a blanket of
snow. Soon we will be producing good organic veggies to give free to
people who can't afford them. We'll also enrich our families' diets
with the extras. I so look forward to weeding, watering, harvesting,
delivering, and conversing with kindred spirits.
A great big shout out goes out to the people who will be in my 2017
community garden family and John and Shelley Jemison who will run the
show with their new golden puppy.
jules hathaway

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