Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grow! Raise! Catch!

Grow! Raise! Catch!

Picture book
"A long time ago there were no stores or refrigerators. To survive
people had to grow, gather, hunt and fish for their food."
Sadly most of today's kids (and adults) lack the connection with
the land (and sea) past generations had. You can go from cradle to
grave knowing nothing about the origin of foods before big box store.
Fortunately there is a growing movement to buy local.
Shelley Rotner's Grow! Raise! Catch!: How We Get Our Food
introduces children (and parents) to some of the many people who
produce wholesome food. The photographs are colorful and vibrant. At
the end readers discover that even in the city people can find spaces,
say roof tops and pots, to grow yummy food.
Olivia and I find this book to be in very good taste.
On a personal note, when UMaine had the Healthy High (a traditional
10K and 5K race and 1 mile fun run) I volunteered all day. I was just
scheduled to do set up. But my instincts told me to stay and guard
the food and drinks tables which were set up for returning runners.
My instincts were spot on. The other volunteers left just as the race
started. So come show time, the deluge of hungry, thirsty racers, it
was just me to keep food and drinks replenished and make sure the
shakiest looking racers got hydrated. Much to my surprise I felt in
control every minute and had a great time. I also enjoyed the looks
on some people's faces when they realized I pulled it off solo.
A great big shout out goes out to all who participated.
jules hathaway

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