Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Wanna New Room

I Wanna New Room

Picture book
"Dear Mom,
I know you think I should share a room with Ethan now that we have
Baby Annie, but here's why I shouldn't. When Ethan sleeps, he sounds
like the cat coughing up fur balls. Why can't you move Annie in with
you and give me my room back?
Your very tired son,
Alex, protagonist of Karen Kaufman Orloff's I Wanna New Room is
some fed up. Just because his parents had a baby girl, he, the oldest
and, therefore, most important kid on the family, must share his space
with the four-year-old brother who snorts, sticks crayons up his nose,
snores like their grandfather, and breaks and loses prized
possessions. Through the course of the book he attempts to negotiate
with his father through a series of very imaginative letters. Only
just after he gets his own space...
...something strange happens.
Orloff's over the top narrative and David Catrow's equally outre
pictures take a situation that could be whiny or soppy and create a
celebration of zaniness that will leave both parents and children
laughing. It's the best kind of book for repeated read alouds.
I guess I'm gonna have to get my hands on the prequel: I Wanna
Iguana. You readers deserve no less than due diligence.
On a personal note, after day after day after day after day of grey,
cold drizzle, the sun broke out today after church. People's spirits
have for sure lifted. I am putting winter clothes up and looking for
my wind chimes.
A great big shout goes out to all my fellow sun soakers: human,
feline, and canine.
jules hathaway

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