Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hugging the Rock

Hugging the Rock

Juvenile fiction
"I thought you loved us. Loved me.
I'll be good. I'll promise.
Clean my room without being told
do all my homework
leave you alone
whenever you want quiet time

Just please

don't go."
At the beginning of Susan Taylor Brown's Hugging the Rock,
protagonist Rachel is hurting and confused. Her mother is packing.
Mom doesn't know why she feels the need; she just can't stay anymore.
Rachel's dad, instead of intervening, is checking the car to make sure
it's safe to drive.
Rachel's dad says everything will be okay. Rachel's mom says
she belongs with her father.
Rachel worries that her father won't know how to do all the
parenting things her mother has handled. She also doesn't know how to
act around her dad or tell what he's thinking or feeling.
And what if he also decides he wants out?
I highly recommend this poignant and sensitive coming of age
On a personal note, I've started having Friday lunches up to UMaine
with my new friend, Olivia. We always have so much to talk about!
She is very much aware of what's going on in the world, especially for
a freshperson.
A great big shout out goes out to Olivia along with the hope that
(like me) she will keep her passion for creating change in the would
and the belief that this is possible and necessary.
jules hathaway

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