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YA/adult graphic novel
"She described herself as, 'I'm black, I'm solitary, I've always
been an outsider'--but she left off 'extraordinary.'
Octavia Estelle Butler was indeed a most extraordinary writer.
Often referred to as the 'grand dame of science fiction,' she is the
author of a short story collection and more than a dozen novels, which
have been translated into ten languages. Her work garnered two Hugo
awards, two Nebula awards, and the PEN Lifetime Achievement Award.
She was the first science fiction writer to win a MacArthur 'Genius'
Holy Hannah! To think I hadn't heard of her until last week! I
discovered her Kindred in an unusual place: the YA graphic novel
section of the Orono Public Library. What I got my hands on was a
graphic novel version adapted to its new format by Damian Duffy and
illustrated by John Jennings.
The year is 1976. Dana (black) and Kevin (white) have just
moved from an apartment to a home of their own. They are putting
their books away when Dana feels strange. Suddenly she is on a river
bank, seeing a little white boy named Rufus drowning. She is able to
save his life. Then just as abruptly she is back in her new home.
This is only the first of Dana's unwanted journeys. The second
involves Rufus almost setting his house on fire. In fact every time
Rufus gets in a jam he can snatch Dana across time and space to fix
things for him.
Rufus is the son of a plantation owner in the pre Civil War
South, a time when blacks were owned, mistreated, and sold as
property. Needless to say, Dana is far from safe there. When Kevin
goes with her and must pose as her master things get really complicated.
If you are a fan of graphic novels, science fiction, or women's
writing you will find Kindred intriguing, thought provoking, and
impossible to put down. If you enjoy the book you may want to read
more of Butler's books which are all listed in the back.
On a personal note, this year's Dance Marathon, my fourth, was
awesome! We had a carnival theme with fair foods and games to win
tickets for prizes. We were well fed all 12 hours. The tee shirts
featured carousels (my favorite carnival ride). I got a miracle maker
long sleeve shirt and banner because I brought in over $100 ($166) in
sponsor money. At the end we learned we had raised $47,680 for
Children's Miracle Network!!! Then they said those who had stayed
could have the rest of the prizes. I got a backpack, two beanie
bears, a raccoon, a pair of adorable faced zebra slippers, and a
poster of my favorite song. When I got home I was too revved to
sleep. So I cut church.
A great big shout out goes out to all who participated.
Meteorology: spring is arriving in Penobscot County. The dingy snow
is vanishing. My daffodils have started coming up. I saw my first
ladybug of the year--a little yellow one. Joey cat is watching
through the window for robins who will be lucky he is an indoor cat.
jules hathaway

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