Monday, October 10, 2016

Thunder Boy Jr.

Thunder Boy Jr.

Picture book
"I love my dad but
I don't want to be exactly like him.
I love my dad but
I want to be mostly myself."
Sherman Alexie's Thunder Boy Jr. is a treat for all kids and
parents not exactly thrilled about being named after a same gender
The protagonist was given his name at birth by his dad, the
original Thunder Boy. His mom had wanted him to be Sam. He very much
wishes she'd had her way. As much as he loves his father, whom he
considers awesome, he wants a name of his own.
It turns out, however, his father is not totally clueless. He
comes up with a solution that delights them both.
On a personal note, I've always had a tolerate/hate relationship with
the name Julia. When my mother and I lived in the same home I hated
being little Julia or Julie. I went through so many nicknames, trying
them on for size. The more I grew into myself the less Julia fit.
Finally I have come up with Jules which I adore. Some people in my
generation act like I'm killing a cute kitten. Julia is such a pretty
name. They can have it. It will take so long to adjust. I notice
they don't have this problem when someone gets married. On the other
hand my student friends know exactly where I'm coming from. I want to
be called Jules because that is who I am.
A great big shout out goes out to all who have struggled with birth
names that aren't good fits.
jules hathaway

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