Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kids to the Rescue

Kids to the Rescue

Juvenile nonfiction
Quite long ago when the Seibert sisters strolled the streets of
Beverly, Massachusetts, the family abode sat on the top of a small
hill. On one side a steep hill bottomed out with a sheer drop off. I
was very slender and light. I could sled down the hill and soar out
thrillingly to a patch of ice. Harriet was much heavier. One day she
saw what I was doing and wanted to try. Even my minimal knowledge of
physics clued me in that that would not turn out well. Harriet would
get hurt. More importantly, I'd be in big trouble because my parents
had this rule that I was not allowed to do anything that would be
dangerous for Harriet to copy.
You can see where this is going. Luckily at the hospital we
learned Harriet would not be paralyzed for life.
I daresay most of us encountered at least one scary medical
emergency in our growing up years. While we can't prevent our
children from having similar experiences, we can empower them with
knowledge so they will know what to do. Maribeth and Darwin Boelts'
Kids to the Rescue: First Aid Techniques for Kids is an invaluable
family resource.
The idea is for kids to acquire the skills before they need to
use them. A wide array of situations ranging from nose bleed and
insect sting to clothing on fire and electric shock are portrayed with
clear illustrations and easy to understand instructions. In each case
the most important action is repeated. Children learn through role
play so that relevant cues will elicit the proper responses.
I sure wish I has this volume on hand for peace of mind back
when my kids were shorter than me. Not surprisingly it's put out by
Parenting Press.
On a personal note, Coming Out Week at UMaine was amazing. My
favorite parts were raising the beautiful rainbow flag and tie dying
tea shirts.
A great big shout out goes out to all who worked hard to make this
event happen.
jules hathaway

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