Saturday, October 8, 2016

Goyangi Means Cat

Goyangi Means Cat

Picture book
Imagine, as a very young child, coming from Korea to the United
States to live with your adoptive family. You know no English and
your new parents know very little Korean. You miss your friends.
Everything is different--even the food!
That is the plight of Soo Min, the protagonist of Christine
McDonnell's Goyangi Means Cat. A lot in her life is confusing and
scary. The family goyangi, cat, provides security and comfort.
Imagine how she feels the day goyangi gets out of their
apartment and is lost in a big city.
Written by the mother of two Korean-born children, Goyangi Means
Cat draws the reader into the world of one of our littlest immigrants.
On a personal note, my goyangi, Joey, has finally discovered what his
cat hut is for. I tried luring him in with toys, cat candy, and
catnip. Then one day when my mind was elsewhere I saw a little face
looking out at me.
A great big shout out goes out to the cats (and dogs) who add so much
to our lives.
jules hathaway

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