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The Mother-Daughter Book Club

The Mother-Daughter Book Club

"Books have always been a refuge, a place where we put aside the
routine of the day and step into someone else's story, where we can
laugh, cry, gasp, or wonder at the going-ons without being responsible
for any of it. The story's success doesn't depend on our wisdom or
patience; the main character isn't waiting for us to drive her to
dance class or pick up poster board for a homework assignment.
Books are a great equalizer. You may not have the money to
travel the world, but with a library card as your passport your
horizons for exploration and self-discovery are unlimited."
Shireen Dodson was on summer vacation at Martha's Vineyard.
Concerned that she and her older daughter were having trouble
communicating, she discovered that a close friend was in the same
difficult situation with her daughter. How could the mothers find a
relatively safe common ground with their children? Books! This
epiphany was the inspiration for Dodson's first mother daughter book
The club was a grand success. Mothers and daughters found a
space where they could discover and appreciate each other in new
ways. Girls became friends with peers they might have otherwise
ignored. Daughters grew as readers and leaders. A book evolved from
their experiences. Ten years later The Mother-Daughter Book Club is a
tenth anniversary edition.
This fine book is a must read for any family considering
starting a similar group. There are experience honed instructions on
everything from selecting prospective members to planning book related
activities. Many potential book choices, including book lists from
well loved authors, are mentioned. There are detailed study guides
for fifteen novels. The tone of the writing is lively,
conversational, and empowering. A mom reading The Mother-Daughter
Book Club would probably think, "I can do this!"
On a personal note, I really wish this book had been around when my
daughters were little. I did a lot of reading to them. Those good
times became some of my most treasured parenting memories. If I'd
started a club I would have found other moms with values similar to
mine and not have been so isolated in Veazie.
A great big shout out goes out to the moms and daughters in book clubs
rocking the power of the written word.
jules hathaway

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