Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Facebook for Seniors

My Facebook for Seniors

If you are looking for a guide to navigating the social media
world, Michael Millers My Facebook for Seniors is a good place to
start. The book begins at the most basic step--signing up and getting
started. It goes on to give guidance on just about every situation
imaginable. The language is very novice friendly. A very detailed
index makes it a very good resource for answering specific questions.
The book has another really good aspect to it. In addition to
techniques it gives advice on stuff like what is good (major life
events, interesting thoughts) and bad (inflamatory opinions, anything
that could be used in a court of law) to share. A number of the no
nos could lead to identity theft, home break ins when you're off on
vacation, or stalking. Read the section very carefully.
Basically this is a very good book with a very bad title. The
language we use effects the ways we perceive ourselves and others. We
already live in a very ageist society where anyone who has passed his/
her 50th birthday is portrayed as dangerously inept when confronted
with electronics. We don't need this prejudice constantly
reinforced. How about an updated version being titled My Facebook for
Newbies or My Facebook for The Uninitiated? It would be more accurate
and less demeaning.
On a personal note, I was overjoyed to get an unexpected visit from my
son today. With his busy schedule it is quite a treat to get to chat
with him.
A great big shout out goes out to my son and his sisters of whom I am
very proud.
jules hathaway

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