Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sad, the Dog

Sad, the Dog

Picture book
Sandy Fussell's Sad, the Dog is a lovely little story with a
very big message.
It's a story of a little dog, an unwanted Christmas gift, whose
people never get around to naming him. They're always finding fault
with his doggy behaviors. One day they move, leaving him behind with
no one to fill his bowl.
Is it all over for our canine protagonist? Nope. Fate has
something great in store for him. Parents and children will love this
heart warming read aloud.
Sadly even people with high hopes of canine companionship often
return dogs when the match is not as perfect as they expected it to
be. Their ex dogs and other potential puppy pals are at shelters
eagerly awaiting forever families...
...and adopt a shelter dog month is the perfect time to enrich
your life with a canine companion.
On a personal note, I just met Shelley and John Jemmison's too cute
for words caramel puppy.
A great big shout out goes put to this twosome turned trio.
jules hathaway

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