Saturday, October 8, 2016

Following Papa's Song

Following Papa's Song

Picture book
Recall awhile back I reviewed a beautiful picture book called
Meet Me at the Moon about the love between a mother elephant and her
little one. I was recently shelf reading the picture books in the
Orono Public Library--basically making sure each book is in the right
place--when I discovered a slightly older book by the same author. Her
art work is so distinctive I could recognize it instantly.
Gianna Marino's Following Papa's Song is built around the love
between a migrating whale father and child. Little Blue is full of
questions. Is it time? How will we know which way to go? When I am
big, Papa, will I still hear your song?
As they travel Little Blue asks what lies below that they can't
see. His father tells him of a magical world. Not surprisingly he
slips away to explore. The domain lives up to his expectations. But
suddenly he realizes he is alone in a vast ocean.
Maybe it's time to listen.
Marino's vivid, colorful pictures have a texture like that of
ocean water. They are a perfect accompaniment to a tender love story.
On a personal note, autumn is evident in Penobscot County. Days are
shorter. Night temps are dropping toward frost. The leaves are
turning vivid shades of red, orange, and yellow.
A great big shout out goes out to our back in school students. God
willing, next fall I will be one of them.
jules hathaway

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