Monday, October 10, 2016

My Brother Charlie

My Brother Charlie

Picture book
Adults can find autism hard to understand. Imagine how
confusing it might be to a young child...especially if the person with
the diagnosis is a sibling. Holly Robinson Peete and Ryan Elizabeth
Peete's My Brother Charlie is a great resource for such children.
Twins Callie and Charlie have been together from the moment of
conception. They share many things like brown eyes and a fondness for
hot chocolate. But in one way they're very different. Charlie has
Charlie has many strengths. He's good with animals. He swims
like a fish. He shows concern when people are hurt. But sometimes he
withdraws into himself or does dangerous things without realizing they
aren't safe.
Callie is a very human narrator who describes a wealth of
feelings and perceptions including frustration that Charlie ruins the
best playdates.
This an excellent book for young relatives of people with autism
and a must acquire for school and public libraries.
On a personal note, feelings can be very complicated for children and
adults with siblings who think and feel differently. I know that from
personal experience.
A great big shout out goes out to people growing up with siblings with
autism in a world that isn't always accepting or understanding.
jules hathaway

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