Saturday, October 8, 2016

Can We Help?

Can We Help?

Picture book
Kids want to engage in the world of work they see parents and
other significant people involved in. Whether dad is doing the dishes
or mom is working on the family car, "Can I
help?" is a very frequent question.
George Ancona's Can We Help? takes children's inherent altruism
a step further by showing they can contribute meaningfully to
communities as well as families. You see children knitting hats and
scarves for homeless people, growing produce in a community garden,
helping deliver hot meals, working with service dogs, and doing other
acts of caring. The pictures are really inspiring.
This is not a book to just read and set aside. Parents,
teachers, and youth group organizers can use it as a springboard to
discussing ways of involvement in line with community needs and
children's interests. There is a world of potential out there!!!
On a personal note, after a summer break my two choirs are starting up
again. Singing in choir is by far my favorite part of summer worship.
A great big shout out goes out to my two church choir families.
jules hathaway

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