Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Way to School

The Way to School

Picture book
In Penobscot County, Maine children tend to walk to school, be
driven in cars or trucks, or ride those ubiquitous yellow buses. Of
the world's children who are fortunate enough to receive a formal
education (Too many still are left out) modes of transportation are
often not as simple. Rosemary McCarney's The Way to School shows
readers some of the challenging and dangerous ways children navigate
the path to educational opportunity.
This is a book in which photographs fittingly steal the show.
Text is appropriately sparse. You see children crossing bamboo poles
and a single wire over bodies of water, riding a water buffalo or
donkey, climbing very high cliffs by ladder and paddling boats. There
are also pictures of children who are unable to attend school because
of poverty or natural disasters.
The Way to School is a must purchase for school and public
libraries. It can be wonderful for starting discussions among children
above the traditional picture book demographics. Why are so many of
the world's children unable to get educations? Why is this a tragedy
for society as individuals? What can be done to change this
situation? School children can be very altruistic when it comes to
peers in other countries.
Proceeds from the sale of the book go to Plan International's
Because I am a Girl Fund.
On a personal note, we just had out first pizza party of the academic
year at Rainbow Resource Center. They are much anticipated and enjoyed.
A great big shout goes out to my Rainbow Resource Center family and
our amazing new graduate assistant, Crissi.
jules hathaway

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