Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Artful Bird

The Artful Bird

Adult crafts
Are you fascinated by birds? Do you enjoy making distinctive
creations to personalize your home or give to favorite people? Do
compliments from friends and family members who CAN'T BELIEVE you made
it yourself put a smile on your face? If so, you will really enjoy
Abigail Patner Glassenberg's The Artful Bird. This is a slightly
older book. Libraries (possibly inter library loan) are your best bet
for getting your hands on it.
The birds are crafted with mostly simple tools, many of which
you'll have on hand. Materials probably won't cost you a lot,
particularly if you create and shop with friends and family members.
An introduction brings newbies up to speed on materials, tools, and
techniques. Then you get to the fun part: the projects:
*Wrens gaze through a window;
*a fluffy chick looks like it just hatched from an egg;
*a woodpecker digs for tasty insects and grubs;
*a pink flamingo peeks between its long, skinny legs...
There are sixteen patterns in all. The crows would fit really well
into Halloween (coming right up) decorations. Even the lowly gull is
endowed with grace and beauty.
Glassenberg transitioned from middle school teacher to
professional crafter following the birth of her baby. She started out
following patterns. Gradually, as she developed skills and
confidence, she started to design her own projects. This is a route
she encourages readers to take.
On a personal note, Friday night I had a surreal experience. I was to
speak to the audience of an outdoor showing of The Jungle Book about
Real Food Challenge. I thought out what I was going to say. I was
there in plenty of time. The techie guys set up the movie. A Monster
rep dropped off a bunch of free samples. They and I were the only
ones who showed up.
I guess there were plenty of other activities going on.
A great big shout out goes out to the techie guys who did a grand job
of set up. They even produced a huge inflatable screen.
jules hathaway

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