Friday, June 7, 2013

World According To Dog

World According To Dog

Do you love dogs? Do you find beauty in their sweet faces,
their devotion and loyalty? Are you amused by their antics? If so,
you must read Joyce Sidman's The World According To Dog. It will put
a smile on your face.
Sidman's poems are delightful. They cover many aspects of
canine life. Always Take A Dog is a lovely observation of a dog
exploring nature. Dog In Bed explains how love will take up as much
space as you will let it have.
Interspersed are narratives by teens about their beloved pets.
There's everything from teaching a new arrival the rules of the house
through valuing pooch as trusted confidente to the heartbreak of the
final loss. The book can be summed up in one girl's words: "Comet is
the best dog. I wouldn't trade him for the world because he is my
The heart warming pictures are a perfect accompaniment.
On a personsl note, one of my favorite dogs in the world is Oscar. He
lives across the street from me. When I step out of my house so often
he calls out to me for attention, dancing eagerly, tail wagging. When
I stratch him behind the ears he sighs with contentment. He never
fails to make my day some brighter.
A great big shout out goes out to Oscar and all the other dogs who
make the world so much more bright and beautiful.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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