Friday, June 7, 2013

The Flying Santa

The Flying Santa

Picture book
Who can resist a true story about a flying Santa from the early
days of aviation? Not me. That's for sure. I was truly glad that I
gave in to temptation.
Back in aviation's early days Bill Wincapaw, protagonist of Joe
McHugh's The Flying Santa, worked on engines for planes. His longing
for the freedom birds had led him to take lessons and become a
certified pilot. He built his own plane. How cool is that? He was
living his dream.
Tragedy struck. Bill's brother, Sterling, was killed in a plane
crash. Bill and his wife, Edna, decided that aviation was too risky
for their family's future. He became captain of a lobster boat. He
never, however, forgot his love of flying. Read the book to see how
his regained passion led to a tradition of giving to isolated
lighthouse keepers' families.
The story is riveting and true. It leaves you believing in
wonderful possibilities. The pictures are lovely and, in some cases,
quite dynamic. If you want to learn a choice tidbit of Maine history,
if you are fascinated by aviation, or if you enjoy a truly uplifting
story--read The Flying Santa and share it with the youngsters in your
On a personal note, I dearly love to fly, especially in small low
altitude planes that give such wonderful views of Polly Pocket size
towns, cities, farms, and forests. Of course because of my bad
eyesight I can only go as a passenger. I will never forget the day my
Adam asked his dad for money to try a flight lesson. The instructor
asked if I wanted to ride in back. Well yeah. I was there when my
son learned what he wanted to do with his life, where his passion
lay. I was truly privileged.
A great big shout out goes out to my future pilot who will take me
places I have never dreamed of going.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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