Tuesday, June 4, 2013

American Grown

American Grown

This story starts with a hard working woman who thought she and
her husband were giving their beloved daughters every possible
opportunity. A talk with their pediatrician made her realize that
their life style needed alterations. Dietary changes such as cutting
out sugary drinks and adding veggies made all family members feel
This woman looked beyond her family and saw even bigger
problems. Record numbers of Americans were becoming overweight and
obese. Children were developing lifestyle diseases previously limited
to adults. Many kids didn't have chances for active play. Many
parents lacked access to healthy foods or knowledge of how to choose
and prepare them.
This woman wanted to do something about that big picture. She
had a much better opportunity than most of us ever will. Her hubby
was about to become the President of the United States.
Michelle Obama's American Grown centers on how she and a legion
of professionals and school children created a kitchen garden on the
White House South Lawn. It was a work in progress with much learned
by trial and error. It was a voyage of discovery for the First Lady
and her young helpers. Large sweet potatoes were a cause of much
Throughout the book there are stories about similar projects of
hope going on throughout the country. Community gardens provide food
for food banks and feeding centers. School gardens become venues for
nutrition and education. Food buses bring produce to underserved
neighborhoods. Kids get safe places to run and play.
Text is eminently readable and enhanced by beautiful
photographs. There are plenty of tips for aspiring gardeners. If you
want to learn a thing or two, become inspired, or try some really
tasty recipes, consider American Grown a must read.
On a personal note, in a few minutes I'll be meeting up with the rest
of the Orono Community Garden crew to get down and dirty our favorite
way, growing good organic veggies.
A great big shout out goes out to our 2013 Orono Community Garden crew
and our canine mascot, Mika.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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