Friday, June 7, 2013

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy

Picture books
Ooh la la! Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy is magnifique! That's
French (Fancy Nancy loves all things French) for magnificent which is
a fancy word for great. If you have not met up with this unique snd
splendiferous protagonist (fancy word for heroine), pop on over to
your library's picture book and essy section and make her acquaintance.
Fancy Nancy is no toddler in tiara. She's the exuberant (fancy
for energetic) antithesis of the sultry, pouty or defined as consumer
school child. She has a very vivid imagination and robust (fancy for
strong) self esteem. Those are the sources of her unique and
beautiful wardrobe. She doesn't have Mom running to the mall to shell
out big bucks so she can look like everyone else.
Fancy Nancy is resilient and resourceful. She can take the kind
of disasters that would have many a kid in full melt down mode and
save the day. When everything goes wrong so her parents can't get
her, her little sister, and a friend to a long awaited planetarium
field trip, she creates her own family star watching event. When the
elaborate Christmas tree topper she bought crashes and shatters (fancy
for breaks too badly to fix), with the help of her grandmother and
little sister, she creates a new one.
Finally Fancy Nancy is a girl of many words. She likes to find
just the right ones to capture the nuances of her thoughts and
feelings. In fact in the series there's an alphabet book of her
favorite fancy words. I believe fifty years from now our Nancy can
become a magnifique (magnificent, remember) writer, dressing vividly
and creatively and strutting her literary stuff like moi. (I'll let
you guess what that's French for.)
On a personal note, I embrace my inner Fancy Nancy. I am the only
school board chair I've heard of who has people ask a week ahead what
she will wear to meetings. Perhaps this is why when I graduated
college I was voted most unforgettable senior woman. Even now I am
still unforgettable.
A great big shout out goes out to all my sisters young and old who
embrace their Fancy Nancy and live in unique and unforgettable ways!
Julia Emily Hathaway

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