Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prairie Evers

Prairie Evers

Prairie, heroine of Ellen Airgood's Prairie Evers, has led an
idyllic life. She's been home schooled by her beloved grammie on the
basis of her interests rather than a standardized curriculum. She
hasn't harbored any desire to share a classroom with the few loud
youngsters living near her in the North Carolina mountains.
Change comes quickly. Her mother inherits a house up north. The
family moves. It's too much for her grammie who goes back home,
leaving Prairie with no educational program and the need to start
attending public school.
Prairie has started raising hens and selling their eggs. This
shows in the ways she thinks of her impending school experience.
She'll be caged in with loud kids all day. They'll have an
established pecking order. She'll be at the bottom of it.
Most of Prairie's peers live down to her expectations. However,
there's one quiet girl, Ivy, who, with some persistance on Prairie's
part, becomes a friend. This is a mixed blessing for Prairie. Her
first ever peer chum brings perplexing challenges as well as good times.
Ivy's mom, devastated by a former loss, pays very little
attention to her daughter. A new boyfriend begins to court her.
Plans are afoot for the little family to join him. Prairie thinks
this would be very bad for Ivy. But how can she step in and rescue
her friend, especially with her wise friend so far away?
Prairie Evers is a delightful coming of age story with a spunky
heroine, a true reading delight.
On a personal note, we're only four days away from the Veazie
elections. We get to see if the school budget gets passed and I get
A great big shout out goes out to residents of Veazie who care about
kids and education to get out and vote.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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