Thursday, June 6, 2013

Out Of Reach

Out Of Reach

YA fiCtion
The cover of Carrie Arcus' Out Of Reach says it all. "How do
you find someone who doesn't want to be found?". Protagonist Rachel
really needs to know. Older brother Micah has disappeared--maybe for
good. Her home has become a tomb with their parents so filled with
grief and fear they've ceased to notice the child still within reach.
Growing up, Rachel and Micah had played their roles
consistantly. Rachel had been the straight A, student government,
athlete achiever. Micah had not really been involved with anything
until he became hooked on meth. He went through rehab that didn't
really take. Now he's vanished. Rachel has received an email message
warning her that Micah may be in grave danger.
Rachel and Tyler, Micah's best friend, are searching for Micah
at places he's frequented, seeing a scary, shabby side of life.
Meeting people who have been in his world, learning whole new
dimensions of his personality. Rachel has to also deal with memories
and guilt. Maybe if she'd tried to help, maybe if she'd told their
parents he'd still be with them.
Out Of Reach is well written and evocative. I highly recommend
it to mature teen and adult readers.
On a personal note, during Amber's early high school years I used to
walk the two miles to the bus stop with her. One day a man who worked
near the bus stop commended me on having a clean daughter. His
daughter had then been addicted to drugs for years and almost died
twice by overdose. He talked about never being able to go to bed
secure in the knowledge he wouldn't hear from police, hospital, or
morgue. That really stuck with me. Now all three kids are doing
amazingly well. I am deeply appreciative, even more so from hearing
this poor man's story. I get very aggravated when the hubby only sees
what they don't do like cleaning and dishes. So many people would
give anything to be in our shoes.
A great big shout out goes out to parents who continue to love and try
to help their hard to reach kids.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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