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YA fiction
Gordon Korman's Ungifted is a really funny book that raises
serious questions. The adult ineptitude that sets the stage for
protagonist Donovan's escapades would have me calling for the
resignation of quite a few in charge of his fictitious school system,
starting with the superintendent.
Donovan's favorite moments are the fleeting ones between when he
pulls a prank and when the consequences hit. These happen quite
frequently. He habitually acts on impulse. So how does a boy who
admits to being a poster child for don't-try-this-at-home get into his
school system's prestigious gifted and talented academy? Combine his
impulsiveness with administrative ineptitude at all levels.
Donovan's new status comes about as an error on the part of his
quite left behind superintendent. He knows he doesn't belong. But he
has to hide out there. The superintendent is on the war path, looking
for him at his old school. He's caused major damage by knocking the
four hundred pound globe off a statue of Atlas (fastened quite
shoddily), enabling it to roll down a hill and trash his school gym
(which is poorly maintained).
Donovan is quite a few IQ points short of his new classmates.
But he has some important assets they lack. To see how he transforms
them in wonderful, unanticipated ways, read the book. You'll be glad
you did.
On a personal note, the kids around here are counting down. The last
day of school, the traditional field day and PTO cook out, is a week
from today.
A great big shout out goes out to all who go all out to give the kids
a great send off.
Julia Emily Hathaway

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