Monday, June 27, 2016

Tiger Pups

Tiger Pups

Picture book
Not all new moms are ready for parenting. We see this sad
situation all too often in the human world. Four footed infants can
also get abandoned. This was the case with three white tiger cubs born
in a wildlife park in Kansas. Their catly mom walked off after one
night on the job, leaving the helpless kittens in dire danger.
Fortunately other moms are well enough parentally wired to
nurture beings with whom they don't share blood ties or even species
membership. Isabella, a golden retriever, had just weaned a litter of
puppies and was still lactating (producing milk). She accepted the
kittens as her own.
That is the true story behind Tom and Allie Harvey's Tiger
Pups. Through their words and a plethora of sweet, aaaaw worthy
photos readers follow the infants and their foster mom. Animal loving
kids and families will adore this book.
Librarians: suitably displayed it will fly off its shelf again
and again.
On a personal note: from when I was eight until I was almost fourteen
(when we moved to an apartment that didn't even allow domestic cats)
my favorite companion animal was my ocelot. I kid you not. She even
slept with me. People warned my parents that Sheba would turn on me.
It never happened. She never even scratched me.
A great big shout out goes out to foster parenting varmints with
outsized hearts.
jules hathaway

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