Wednesday, June 1, 2016

101 Things For Kids To Do Outside

101 Things For Kids To Do Outside

Juvenile non fiction
"I could tell you that my family begins every day with a trek
through the woods and ends it by singing songs around a campfire. I
could tell you that but it would be a BIG FAT LIE. And, if you are
that sort of family, why on earth are you sitting around reading this
book? There are bear traps waiting to be set and animal calls to
Right. Who's left?
This book's for you."
We're on verge of summer vacation for kids grades preK to
twelve. Like the proverbial light at the end of a long tunnel, our
kidlets are seeing the end of classes...much as we did at their age.
Some of us haven't scheduled their every waking moment or made plans
to ship them off to camp til the end of August. A growing number of
us want them to have the chance to make their own fun. Dawn Isaac's
101 Things For Kids To Do Outside is a treasure trove of ideas that
will inspire them to do just that.
Actually the book covers a year, starting off with activities
like planting an alpine colander, and ends in winter with the building
of stuff like snow lanterns. (The few activities that need adult
assistance, like the snow lantern, carry this indication.) Most of the
projects are perfect for the lazy days of summer. Very few require
expensive equipment. An insect net is made from a stick, a wire
clothes hanger, an old pillow case, and that ubiquitous in Maine duct
tape. There is a wide variety of things to do-probably something for
every kid. Among the offerings are:
*flying a home made kite;
*blowing truly giant bubbles;
*making a mini wildlife pond;
*creating a moonlight garden;
*water balloon toss and piñata;
*making a tent out of old sheets and blankets;
And so many more cool ideas for fun times.
Let me tell you something. This book will especially come in
handy when the novelty of vaca has worn off and you start hearing
cries of "I'm boooored. There's nothing to doooo!"
On a personal note, I remember lots of home made fun from my
childhood. Some of that stuff would have turned my mom's hair silver
sooner if she's had a clue. One of my favorite accomplishments was
turning my swing set and mom's victorian looking red velvet living
room curtains into a backyard tent when she decided to bring that room
into the 20th century.
A great big shout out goes out to all adults and kids who go for the
gusto instead of expecting television and electronics to serve up the
entertainment! Party on!!!
jules hathaway

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