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Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Adult humor
"And when I see another couple, who seem normal and conventional
and aren't having a loud, recurring argument in the park about whether
Jesus was a zombie, I don't feel envious. I feel contentment and
pride as Victor and I pause our shouting to share a smug, knowing
smile with each other as we pass the baffled couple, who move to give
us room on the sidewalk. Then I lean in to rest my head on Victor's
shoulder as he laughs quietly and lovingly whispers to me, 'Fucking
Recall recently I was captivated by Jenny Lawson's Furiously
Happy? I laughed so hard (in the privacy of our own home) my hubby
broke eye contact with his computer screen to give me strange looks.
(And then went back to scanning prices of truck parts. Which I
totally don't get. If I heard someone react to a book that way I would
put everything aside to discover the title). Anyway when I got to the
end I was thrilled to see that Lawson had written a previous book:
Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir).
It lived up beautifully to the promise of its sequel. You
recall Lawson has a surreal life in which a dead raccoon can ride a
live cat in a 2;00 a.m. rodeo and a spousal argument can carry an
allusion to George Washington's dildo? Recall also that she is candid
in describing the challenges of living with mental illness in a world
that just does not get it?
Let's Pretend This Never Happened is based on the same winning
theme with added insight into Lawson's childhood. You will learn how
*stood inside a dead animal;
*had live raccoons in her childhood home;
*had a armadillo racer/professional taxidermist for a father;
*had a childhood pet devoured by homeless people;
And *shared a swimming pool with pigs...
...all in the first twenty pages.
There's one of the most incredible love stories of our time.
Although Larson and Victor came from families that might have dwelt on
different planets, they managed to survive challenging trips to each
others homes, tie the knot, and stay together...
...Despite the many times each wonders what the f word (sorry,
Larson would not have said heck) the other is thinking.
You'll get the inside scoop on Lawson's former career in
(believe it or not) human resources. Penises find their way into even
these pages.
If you enjoyed Furiously Happy you will love Let's Pretend This
Never Happened. If you have read neither, in the words of the hubby,
you don't know what you're missing. There's a remedy for that,
On a personal note, one of the days I was reading the book I came upon
upon a piece by Trish Callahan in the good old Bangor Daily News that
truly resonated with its theme. It contains this insightful
sentence: "For some of us, recovery is about learning to be OK with
being broken and learning to find ways to make our brokenness
beautiful and purposeful." Well I found one way this week. I was
shocked that a guy got only six months for raping an unconscious woman
and that his father said he shouldn't be punished harshly for "twenty
minutes of action". I wrote my own little story about how twenty
minutes of action can lead to decades of suffering. I want to help
people see that rape is a vicious crime (not an oops I did it again)
so it will become as unacceptable as drunk driving. I want a safer
world for my daughters and their peers.
A great big shout goes out to Jenny, Trish, and the many other people
who, like us, are both flawed and fabulous.
jules hathaway

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