Friday, June 3, 2016

Life with Mother

Life with Mother

Adult nonfiction
Whoever first said that a picture is worth a thousand words
surely knew what (s)he was talking about. A well taken photograph
conveys nuances of ambiance and feeling and a sense of time and place
it would take paragraphs of description to convey. If you're anything
like me you'd choose the picture format.
Many of us are mothers. Nearly all of us are born to mothers
and depend on them for a sizeable chunk of our lives. There is
something nearly universal about the tenderness and intimacy of mother/
child moments...that awww factor. Life with Mother, put together by
the editors of Life Magazine is an album of such moments. Some of
them include:
*a mom (and cat) watching a very young baby sprawled on a bed;
*a mom and daughter posing (and pouting) draped with identical pearl
*a mom and frilly gowned preschooler dress shopping juxtaposed with
*a mom kissing her daughter on prom night;
*a tour of duty bound mom in combat garb kissing her sleeping baby
It isn't all sweetness and light. On facing pages moms struggle to
get kids through morning and evening routines and you should see the
look on the face of a mom entering her children's trashed bedroom.
I borrow this book from the library just about every year close
to mother's day. It evoke so many memories of my own childhood and
child raising years. If you have raised children or enjoyed a special
relationship with your own mom I think you'll enjoy the book also.
On a personal note my older daughter, Amber, just turned (can you
believe it?) 26. She and her fiancée, Brian, put on a party that was
the total bee's knees. The food was delish. The decorations were
hand crafted and perfect. (You can learn how to make some if you
check out Amber's craft blog
The family was together. It was truly quality time. The theme was
The Shining, Amber's all time favorite. I got to glam up as a ball
room ghost.
A great big shout out goes out to Amber and Brian, the hosts with the
most. They really know how to throw a party.
jules hathaway

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