Monday, June 27, 2016

Emma And Julia Love Ballet

Emma And Julia Love Ballet

Picture book
Many little girls aspire to become ballerinas, practicing
diligently in dance studios and dreaming big dreams. Many ballerinas
probably have strong memories of those early years. Barbara
McClintock's Emma and Julia Love Ballet brings a pair together.
Emma is a very young Ballet student, probably about five or six,
who looks forward to a performance she will see with her family.
Julia is a professional ballerina, probably a young adult, who will be
in the production. The book draws parallels between their day's
activities, culminating in a very touching moment at the end.
Ballet was part of McClintock's family life. It was her
sister's remembered passion that inspired the book. She took lessons
herself, as an adult, to help her create the illustrations.
On a personal note, last Saturday was Artsapalooza, a downtown Orono
festival of the visual and performing arts. I was back by popular
demand. I read 40 minutes of my own poetry at Thai Orchid in full
tiger face. My audience was raptly attentive and very responsive.
Even better, my chum Mazie, who had never before caught my act was
there to cheer me on. I was in seventh heaven. It was a pivotal
moment in my life as I came out in public as being liberated from my
(school committee) tours of duty.
A great big shout out goes out my fellow performers, our audiences,
and all who work really hard to make this event happen.
jules hathaway

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