Monday, June 27, 2016



Picture book
If you think humans are the only beings who can shimmer and
shine, you could not be more wrong. W. H. Beck's Glow: Animals with
Their Own Night-Lights introduces us to a world of creatures we
couldn't hold a candle to. Some, like the anglefish, are slightly
grotesque (at least by human standards). Some, like the brittle star,
are surprisingly lovely. They range in size from tiny dinoflagellates
to six feet long gulper eels. Some, like fireflies, are fairly well
known while others, particularly denizens of the deep, have yet to be
But all are intriguing. This great introduction to
bioluminescence is child and family friendly and fascinating.
On a personal note, my niece, Maggie, graduated from high school. We
celebrated with a family party.
A great big shout out goes out to the Bangor High School Class of 2016.
jules hathaway

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