Monday, June 27, 2016

The Turnip

The Turnip

Picture book
You gotta admit your average turnip, a root vegetable with
usually drab coloration and an innocuous (except to picky eater kids),
is pretty much the epitome of bland and boring? Who in the world would
center a picture book around one? None other than Jan Brett. With
her animated animals and beautifully detailed borders, her The Turnip
is truly something special.
When Badger Girl finds a giant turnip growing in her garden
visions of tasty turnip soup and turnip pie swim in her head. The
recalcitrant vegetable, however, remains rooted despite her hardest
tugs. Family members and other critters try in turn. Even a horse
meets with defeat. So when Rooster calls for a turn the whole gang is
Something that alert border studiers will follow may be the
tipping point in the bird's favor.
The Turnip, with its fast paced narrative, colorful and
elaborate illustrations, and tender attention to treasured rituals, is
bound to become a favored bedtime read aloud in any home with very
young children.
On a personal note, Fathers' Day was awesome this year. I went to
church. I got a thank you card for singing in choir during the school
year. Amber and Brian made the traditional Fathers Day family supper
of burgers, curly fries, and strawberry shortcake. Having all three
kids together was precious beyond measure.
A great big shout out goes out to Eugene, my husband and baby daddy,
and the three amazing children we brought into this world.
jules hathaway

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