Monday, June 27, 2016

Mustache Baby

Mustache Baby

Picture books
Someone who has spent much time with a toddler may notice and
wonder about the mercurial nature of the youngster. The same child
who was gently patting a cat will suddenly pull its tail. After
paying rapt attention at story time a youngster will tear off toward
the door. Smiles to tears and back in no time flat could be a motto
at this life stage. Bridget Heos has captured this perfectly in her
books about an unforgettable mustachioed toy.
In Mustache Baby Baby Billy is born with unusual facial hair.
The mother is concerned. The nurse tells her this facial adornment
can be either a good-guy mustache or a bad-guy mustache. Usually it
seems to be the former. But sometimes when it curls upward little
Billy goes on a crime spree.
In Mustache Baby Meets His Match Billy gets a playmate: bearded
Baby Javiar. There's a problem though. Each one wants to be the
Alpha tyke. All out competition quickly devolves into all out
aggression. The two boys have to be separated. That seems to the the
end of their relationship.
But maybe not.
These two books are most delightful read alouds, rich in visual
humor for both child and parent.
On a personal note, for quite awhile people have been raising money
for an outdoor extension for the Orono Public Library. When it's
completed it will include an ampitheater and walking paths. It will
be a great place for people to socialize, picnic, and be entertained.
The construction workers are making it very hard for our children's
librarian to keep our non mustache gifted boys and girls seated in a
circle. Sometimes you can find them lined up at the windows, totally
captivated by the big machines.
A great big shout out goes out to the people who came up with the idea
and raised the money and the workers who are turning this vision into
a reality.
jules hathaway

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