Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Great Leopard Rescue

The Great Leopard Rescue

Picture book
Recall back in spring 2016 we checked out Sandra Markle's The
Great Monkey Rescue? I just got my hands on her new book, The Great
Leopard Rescue: Saving the Amur Leopards. It is well worth reading.
Amur leopards live mostly in Russia. They are said to be the
rarest of the big cats. Their population has dropped rapidly from the
1950's when there were believed to be 2,400. Not surprisingly habitat
encroachment by humans has taken a big toll. Also people kill
leopards as trophies and hunt the large prey animals they need for
Fortunately as these beautiful, graceful cats came near to
extinction (down to 30 members) people began to notice. The Great
Leopard Rescue tells of all the obstacles people needed (and still
need) to overcome to rescue the species. The story is enthralling.
The pictures are magnificent, especially the adorable cubs. The two
magnificent hunt books make a great way for families to learn about
endangered species and the need to help them survive.
On a personal note, my latest opinion piece came out in the Bangor
Daily News. It was on the need to keep abortion a safe, legal medical
procedure rather than going back to the bad old days of back alley
butchers. It has been well received.
A great big shout out goes out to 1 in 3, an organization that seeks
to destigmatize abortion through the sharing of stories.
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