Friday, March 24, 2017

Everybody Needs A Hideaway

Everybody Needs A Hideaway

Picture book
"Somewhere hidden in the woods of western Maine there is a very
special pine tree--a hideaway tree--in a secret place where a boy and
his dog like to be."
When you were a child did you have a hideaway--somewhere you
could be alone to read or create or think or just daydream? I know I
had a few: a comfy tree perfect for reading in, a spot beside the
jetty on my favorite beach, the decrepit abandoned house I'd been told
never to go into.
Dean Bennett's gentle story and soft illustrations (mostly
pastels with a few pencil sketches) provide a stirring testimony to
the specialness of such beloved spaces.
A boy climbs into his treehouse hideout. At first there are
birds to watch. Suddenly a huge bull moose is napping under his hide
out. He's supposed to go home soon but is afraid to come down.
Fortunately help is on the way in the form of a very loyal chum.
This is a very special book to share with your own beloved
little people. It can help them and you be more aware of the
creatures big and small with whom we share our world.
On a personal note, in the center of Maine is a special studio a mom
and her cat like to go. It's our dear little studio with our favorite
snow globes, a year round beautifully adorned Christmas tree and mini
tree, our world museum of natural treasures, and other favorite
things. No matter how much I love spending time with friends and
family sometimes I need its ambience to read, write, craft, and
daydream in.
A great big shout goes out to all who treasure their special spaces.
jules hathaway

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