Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Don't Like Snakes

I Don't Like Snakes

Picture book
The narrator of Nicola Davies' I Don't Like Snakes has a
problem. Where most families share their homes with dogs, cats, or
birds, her parents and sibling are big fans of her unfavorite
reptiles. They wear them, cuddle them, let them loose all over the
One day she speaks her mind. Her perplexed family asks why.
They're able to address all her concerns until...
You have to read the book to see. It has some really cool
information. Did you know some snakes fly?
With all the arachaphobes in my friends and family I'd like to
see an I Hate Spiders.
On a personal note, back in the late 80's I had a friend who was doing
her doctoral dissertation on fear of snakes. Her research involved
charting children's reactions to snakes at various distances. Her
problem was she was terrified of them. She paid me well to do the
snake handling. Talk about easy money!!!
A great big shout out goes put to the snakes who devour a number of
rodents and other pests and are an important part of the web of life.
jules hathaway

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