Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sweep Up The Sun

Sweep Up The Sun

Picture book
Have you ever admired the grace and beauty of birds? Do you
love how even in the most citified places they swoop into our midst,
causing our souls to soar, taking our minds for a moment away from
earthly concerns. Then you need to read Sweep Up The Sun, a beautiful
pairing of Helen Frost's poetry and Rick Lieder's photographs even if
their are no kids on the premises.
A woodpecker and a starling "pause for a quick conversation";
A nuthatch finds itself "alone in the sky" while a group of
mallard ducks "flying with friends, your wings will carry you far";
A cardinal is seen "stitching earth to sky, with invisible
With or without kids in your life take time for a bird walk.
It's fun to carefully observe, photograph, draw, or write about the
feathered creatures you encounter. Seriously. I've written some
pretty good pigeon poetry.
On a personal note, the early appearance of migratory birds has me
concerned. A cardinal in Northern Maine on Valentines Day? Seriously.
A great big shout out goes out to our feathered friends large and small.
jules hathaway

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