Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Douglas, You Need Glasses

Douglas, You Need Glasses

Picture book
There are many things youngsters do not want to hear. It's back
to school shopping time. No dessert until you polish off those
Brussels sprouts. Clean your room. I'm sure "you need glasses" has
to be near the top of the list. Ged Adamson got that news during his
childhood. His Douglas, You Need Glasses can help today's kids cope
with the situation.
Douglas is a cheerful dog who scampers enthusiastically through
his world, oblivious to his vision difficulties. Instead of chasing
squirrels he pursues falling leaves. He trudges through wet cement
and blunders into a no dogs allowed skate park. When a game of fetch
goes terribly wrong his person companion knows what she must do.
At the back of of the book there are two pages of pictures of
real kids wearing glasses and an invitation for youngsters to post
similar pictures on social media. How cool is that?
On a personal note, I did not wear glasses as a child. But my third
grade year I had to wear an eye patch in a futile attempt to correct a
lazy eye. Some of my less than fond memories include struggling to
copy cursive off the blackboard and having the teacher think I was
lazy, hearing strange adults exclaim "the poor little thing" in public
places, and almost getting hit by cars and trucks.
A great big shout out goes out to glasses wearers.
jules hathaway

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