Saturday, March 18, 2017

Octopuses One To Ten

Octopuses One To Ten

Picture book
We rarely give much thought to those denizens of the deep:
octopuses. And most of us have no idea how interesting and diverse
they are. Ellen Jackson and Robin Page's Octopuses One To Ten helps
children learn their numbers while providing them and the big people
in their lives with fascinating fun facts.
Numbers one to nine give general information. Did you know an
octopus has three hearts? Can you guess what their four clever ways
of evading hungry predators are? Do you know the date World Octopus
Day falls on? How many brains does an octopus have? Hint: more than
When you get to the number ten you get to meet ten distinct
types of Octopus ranging from the blanket octopus whose males are 100
times smaller than their females to the mimic octopus that can make
itself look and act like fifteen different sea creatures. There is
even an octopus named after a Disney character.
At the back of the book you find octopus crafts, some of which
are edible. I'm going to put Oreo cookies and gummy worms on the
shopping list to make myself a yummy snack.
On a personal note, we had ourselves another big old blizzard Tuesday
into Wednesday. Eugene worked a couple of night shifts. When he got
home Thursday he took me to Dennys for breakfast. At his company they
are moving snow to make room for any more we may get. This with
calendar spring just around the corner!
A great big shout out goes out to Eugene and all the others who plow
so we all can get around.
jules hathaway

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