Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Over in the Hollow

Over in the Hollow

Picture book
I think Over In The Meadow Where The Green Grass Grows is pretty
vintage. I have memories of it being on a record album by Burl Ives
we played in my house when I was a child. Rebecca Dickenson's Over In
The Hollow is a delightful adaptation, complimented beautifully by S.
Britt's illustrations.
It's a counting book for the numbers one to thirteen. A spider
mother has her "spidey one" spin. A baton wielding mama owl with
music on a stand instructs her owlets three how to hoot. Auntie witch
commands six broom mounted "little witchies" to zoom. Of course we
can't forget the twelve cats hissing for their mother.
Over in the Hollow is perfect for children mastering their
numbers and parents who like to be expressive when reading aloud.
On a personal note, at Wilson Center last week we had a curry feast
for supper and meditated. Or, in my case, where my hearing loss
negated audio input, copying Dylan so I looked like I was with the
program. We also dyed paper snowflakes. Sarah who runs Wilson Center
had that idea. She noticed that we were slammed with a bunch of
storms after our snowflake making party. So maybe coloring them in
pastel hues would encourage spring. Well worth a try, in my opinion.
A great big shout out goes out to my Wilson Center family.
jules hathaway

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