Monday, May 9, 2016

The Worst Class Trip Ever

The Worst Class Trip Ever

Juvenile fiction
"If I got sent home my parents would kill me. Especially my
mom. She would kill me, then she would rush me to the hospital so the
doctors could miraculously bring me back to life, and then she would
kill me again.
Not to mention the problem of the two weird guys who were
holding Cameron prisoner and planning to blow up the White House."
Most of us have enjoyed or suffered through class trips. Many
of us have handled them from the authority side as teachers or parent
chaperones. We know that, although often they don't go off quite as
planned, national security is usually not involved. In The Worst
Class Trip Ever Dave Barry pulls off an exception to this rule
convincingly and amusingly.
Wyatt's expectations for his class field trip to Washington DC
(from Florida) are quite a bit short of stellar. The girl he has a
crush on exists in an entirely different social strata and is dating
an A lister. As a self described nerd, he knows that she's out of his
league. But he still talks to her whenever the opportunity presents
itself. Perhaps he can say something that will impress her...or at
least not make too much of a fool of himself.
The trip, however, is destined to be anything other than
ordinary right from the flight. Wyatt and his friend Matt are seated
in front of a couple of very suspicious acting men. They have a carry
on bag about the size of a missile and they're studying aerial maps of
the White House. Somehow Matt manages to steal a mysterious looking
electronic device from one of the men's backpacks.
It's a device the men will do anything to get back. This leaves
Wyatt and Matt in the unenviable position of having to thwart the
men's evil plans while keeping the teacher and parent chaperones
totally in the dark. And in Wyatt's case not making too much of a
fool of himself in front of his crush.
This book is a perfect summer read, especially for kids who want
to take the no more books part of an ageless chant too literally. It
combines suspense and humor and throws in the clueless adult authority
figures most intermediate and middle school readers really enjoy
encountering in literature.
On a personal note, I had the very worst drag show ever. I was
already to bring down the house. Only when I arrived at the Rec
Center Sylvester said there had been a mandatory rehearsel that nobody
had bothered to tell me about. So I just went home. I've stored that
under the category of stuff happend. Just wait til next year.
A great big shout out goes out to Sylvester who is about to get his
masters degree. Way to go, Dude!
jules hathaway

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