Thursday, May 26, 2016

Outsider In The White House

Outsider In The White House

Adult Biography
"...Imagine. Black and white, Hispanic and Asian, straight and
gay, middle class and low income, native and immigrant coming together
to create an economy that worked well for the majority, not just the
rich; a health care system that guaranteed health care for all, not
huge profits for insurance and pharmaceutical companies; federal
funding for education, not B-2 bombers; a tax system that favored
workers, not the wealthy and multinational corporations. People
coming together for the common good..."
If there was ever a political embodiment of The Little Engine
That Could it's Bernie Sanders. In a nation saddled with a Hatfield/
McCoy bipartisan political system he has gotten himself elected into
the United States House and Senate. Now he's proving highly
competitive in the presidential campaign, giving many of us hope that
come November we won't have to chose between a reality show host with
antipathy toward anyone who isn't native born, white, CIS, wealthy,
and masculine and the big business owned wife of the guy who ended
welfare as we know it.
Outsider In The White House, by Bernie himself with Huck Gutman,
weaves two strands together brilliantly. The first is Bernie's
political path from initial loss to winning a Senate seat. It shows
how he managed to pull this off with selling out to big bidness and
their media. The second strand analyzes what he sees wrong with
America today and what we need to do to rectify it. He even shows
how, despite claims of his critics, it makes total fiscal sense.
Outsider In The White House is a must read for anyone who
realizes that implementing timid incremental changes to solve the
crises that face America is like trying to cure cancer with bandages.
Whoever takes the White House we need this mandate. I fear that in a
Trump presidency or the second coming of Clinton all but the wealthy
and well connected would be outsiders in government and our nation.
On a personal note, I felt understood. Bernie writes, "In the middle
of a campaign it seems like everything comes to the fore. All your
neuroses, all your fears, all your weaknesses. You're ON all the
time, and you're often tired, stressed out, prone to make mistakes.
And a mistake in a campaign can be very costly." Lest anyone say I'm
just campaigning for school committee reelection, Bernie himself
started at the municipal level.
A great big shout out goes out to Bernie. I hope to God you give us
reason to celebrate in November.
jules hathaway

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