Saturday, May 14, 2016



Picture book
Recently I stopped by Veazie Vet. We were out of coffee.
YIKES! Lucky for me, they are very generous with their java. I was
fixing my cup I realized I was under surveillance. A large black lab
that bore a striking resemblance to a black bear was eyeing me
solomnly. Then he was cuddled up to me, seeming quite happy to be
scratched behind the ears.
Dogs! Gotta love them!
If you love a good true dog story, Emily Arnold McCully's
Strongheart: The World's First Movie Star Dog will be just your cup
of tea.
Strongheart was born Etzel von Oeringen during World War I in
Germany. His life was all work no play. After the war he was sent to
an uncertain future in America.
By a lucky coincidence Larry Trimble, a silent movie director,
had decided to try a new concept: a film with a canine hero. He saw
the clever canine's excellent training. And the rest is history.
Strongheart is purrrfect for clans with canine companions...or
even feline's families...basically all who love the creatures who add
so much to our lives.
On a personal note, Joey cat seems to be enjoying the warmer weather.
He engages me in play with his balls and other interactive toys. It's
like he's waking up from semi hibernation. And he gets a great kick
out of watching the birds through his favorite window.
A great big shout out goes out to the Veazie Vet folks who know how to
treat dogs, cats, and their caffeine craving human companions.
jules hathaway

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