Saturday, May 14, 2016

Good Night Truck

Good Night Truck

Picture book
Young children are not always eager to settle down to sleep when
parents want to tuck them in. I know from experience. Maybe you do
too. Sometimes the just right night time story makes a world of
difference. Sally Odgers' Good Night Truck would be an excellent
choice for youngsters enamoured of big machines.
In the first part of the book the cast is introduced: a truck
hauling a load, a digger making a hole for a swimming pool, a boat
sailing in the harbor, and a rocket zooming through space. After a
day of work they all retire contentedly for a well earned rest...
...the truck tucked in beside a sleeping child. Text and
pictures combine to form a lovely tribute to that time of day right
between wakefulness and slumber.
On a personal note, the Veazie Community School just had its spring
buy one/get one free Scholastic book sale. I have such precious
memories from all the years I had kids in the the year
my son won a contest and bought me a cat poster. The sale was going
on the night of school committee. I bought a couple of sweet angel
cat journals which I will surely be able to put to good use.
A great big shout out goes out to Gail Harrison, Veazie Community
School's very talented librarian, year book advisor, and book sale
hostess with the mostest. You go, Girl!
jules hathaway

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