Monday, May 8, 2017

More March

More March

YA/adult graphic novel
You recall back in August 2016 I reviewed March Book Two, the
middle part of a graphic novel look at the life of John Lewis, civil
rights hero extraordinaire? Well I lucked out this spring and snagged
books one and three in one fell swoop. They neatly bookend the volume
I read and opined on.
Book One, dedicated to "the past and future children of the
movement," covers Lewis' early years and the events and people that
inspired his lifelong commitment to civil rights. One of my favorite
parts was how he blended family farm responsibilities with early
ministerial call by preaching to his chickens and performing funerals
for those who died of natural causes. Through a trip north with an
uncle, he was exposed to a way of life outside of the Jim Crow South.
After that epiphany his home could never again feel the same.
Book Three starts with the tragic Birmingham church bombing that
killed four girls. It ends with the signing of the 1965 Voting Rights
Act. All events in between are portrayed candidly. It is horrifying
to see what was done to people simply seeking to vote. At one point a
character asks, "Is this America, the land of the free and the home of
the brave, where we have to sleep with our telephones off the hook
because our lives be threatened daily--because we want to live as
decent human beings in America?"
I believe the trilogy is a must read for all who know that black
lives matter immensely. It's a powerful, poignant, and succinct
portrayal of a man pivotal to the civil rights movement and a crucial
chapter in it. The format makes it appealing to people who might not
pick up a more traditional book on the subject.
On a personal note, the last two International Student Organization
coffee hours of the semester were super. We made a video for
prospective international students entitled You Are Welcome Here to
combat the loud haters.
A great big shout out goes out to international students and allies.
jules hathaway

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