Thursday, May 4, 2017

Every Day Birds

Every Day Birds

Picture book
"Eagle soars above the land.
Oriole hangs her nest.
Owl sweeps soundlessly late at night.
Robin puffs his chest."
The skies in Penobscot County, Maine are bird filled with
Spring's arrival. We humans rejoice at the sight of worm seeking, red
breasted robins. Joey watches intently from his indoor patio, wishing
the window glass would disappear.
Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's Every Day Birds is a great guide for
avian loving kids and families in the New England and similarly
climated regions. It celebrates the feathered friends we actually see
on a daily basis: the puffball chickadees, the territorially
aggressive jays, the noisy but elusive woodpeckers, the roof perching
pigeons, the hand out greedy gulls, and so many more. What a perfect
volume to take on a warm weather nature walk!
If the birds are ordinary, the illustrations are anything but.
Dylan Metrano's cut paper pictures are exquisite. The contrasting
paper textures and finely honed details really bring the feathered
flock to life.
And at the end of the book there's a plethora of fascinating
On a personal note, Orono Public Library's writing class has been
going on since April. I miss Paul Lucey. But it's a good group. I
scheduled my two presentations for after the UMaine semester ends.
I'm going to do nonfiction both times: future BDN op eds. They get
more than enough fiction.
A great big shout out goes out to my highly creative writing class
jules hathaway

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