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YA graphic novel
Cat, protagonist of Raina Telgemeier's Ghosts is not a happy
camper. Her family has to move. Her father has a new job. But she
knows the move has more to do with her sister's state of health. Maya
has cystic fibrosis. Her routine treatments and crises are an
integral part of their family life.
Bahia de la Luna is not just another little coastal town. It
contains a portal to the spirit world. Their Dia De Los Mortas is
more than just festivities on the part of the living. The dearly
departed actually cross over.
Maya, the free spirit of the family, plunges right into the
spirit of things, making an ofrenda (altar) for their deceased
grandmother. Cat, the more cautious sibling, is bothered by what she
considers their new town's obsession. She's also worried about her
little sister's well being. She's the one who is supposed to protect
Ultimately there are deeper currents behind their feelings.
Maya knows she is not going to get better. She wonders what it will
be like to die and wants to have fun while she can. Cat does not want
to think about life without her little sister.
Ghosts is a wonderful, engaging read that subtly evokes a deep
theme. It's a must read for people like me who are or have been part
of a family deeply effected by a member's chronic illness or disability.
On a personal note, UMaine celebrated Cinco de Maya in fine form. We
had a fine fiesta with lively music and lots of fantastic food. I
helped to serve so I got to see all the happy people.
A great big shout out goes out to all who participated.
jules hathaway

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