Thursday, May 18, 2017

A List Of Cages

A List Of Cages

YA fiction
"I'm wet. I'm hungry. He's not coming back.
It's dark.
I'm scared.
I'm never getting out.
I scream and claw at the walls of the shell. There's a bright
explosion of pain, a snap of bones, but I keep hitting."
There are sadly monsters in human form doing unspeakable things
in our world, often to the most vulnerable of us. They get away with
it until they go too far. Then almost invariably the people
interviewed on the nightly news never saw that coming. Robin Roe's A
List Of Cages takes readers into one such situation.
When Adam, a senior in high school, had been younger a foster
child named Julian had lived with his family. Julian's parents had
been killed in a car accident. Gradually the boys had become like
brothers. Then Julian had abruptly been pulled out of their home.
Julian, a freshman, lives in a confusing, frightening world. At
school he's constantly bullied by peers and in trouble with adults.
When things get really bad he escapes to a little hidden room in the
school's attic. At home his Uncle Russell often leaves him
terrifyingly alone in an empty house. Russell's presence, however, is
frightening also, as are his commands to Julian to "Go get it."
The school psychologist has brought Julian back into Adam's
life. Adam also begins including him socially outside of school. He
starts to suspect that something is seriously wrong with his little
friend's living situation.
But what can he do?
On a personal note, Lavendar Graduation was awesome. The Bangor Room
was all decked out in shades of purple. We feasted on bagels, fruit,
and coffee as we celebrated our students who are graduating or getting
masters degrees.
The weather these past few days has been perfect--sunny and breezy. I
have been writing and reading outside where I can watch pollinators
having happy hour at my daffodil patch and listen to my wind chimes
and the birds. It stays light out quite late. And the mosquitos and
black flies haven't shown up in noticeable numbers. :)
A great big shout goes out to all who participated in Lavender
Graduation, especially Dean Dana, who gave a fine speech, and our
amazing grads.
jules hathaway

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